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ANTIQUES ROAD SHOW: WHAT ARE YOUR TREASURES WORTH? In this session Professional Appraiser Michael Ivankovich will introduce you to the concept of "Value"…and reveal what your Antiques, Collectibles, and Personal Treasures are really worth today. Each attendee is invited to bring in 1-2 items for Mike to appraise.

SELLING GOLD OR SILVER? HOW THE SCRAP PRECIOUS METALS GAME IS REALLY PLAYED: Before you rush out and scrap your family heirlooms … BEWARE!!! You had better understand "How the Scrap Gold & Sterling Silver Game is Really Played" because if you are not extremely careful, the windfall you are expecting may end up in the dealer's pocket, and not yours. In this session Michael will share a 5-step approach to understanding how to sell your precious metals for the most money possible.

HOME DOWNSIZING IN 4 EASY STEPS: You've spent a lifetime accumulating antiques, collectibles, and other household contents. Now you are ready to downsize your home. What do you do with the items that you or no longer want or need? In this presentation Michael will show you how you can sell your excess personal property for the greatest amount of cash…with the least amount of work…in the shortest amount of time...in today's rapidly changing market.

TODAY'S HOTTEST ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES: It should come as no surprise to most people today that the Antiques & Collectibles market is not as strong as it was several years ago. But while most categories are "softer" than they were only a few years ago, certain categories are hotter than ever. What are these "Hot" categories, and do you have any of these in your home? In this session Michael will explain what's "Hot" and what's not...in today's Antiques & Collectibles market.

25 AREAS GUARANTEED TO DISAPPOINT WHEN SELLING YOUR HOUSEHOLD "STUFF". In this session Mike will explain why many of the things you own may be worth much less than you thought. But don't despair because he'll also reveal those categories that are probably worth more than you expected.

10 STEPS TO SELLING YOUR "STUFF": You've lived in your home for many years and it's filled with a variety of Antiques, Collectibles, and Residential Contents that you no longer want or need. How in the world do you deal with it all? In this presentation Michael will share a 10-step selling process that will make the task easier and more profitable than you ever expected.

IS THAT ALL MY DINING ROOM IS WORTH? All too often our children don't have the same tastes that we did. In this presentation Michael will explain which of your dining room contents can be extremely valuable, and which are probably worth a whole lot less than you thought.

50 THINGS NEARLY EVERY HOME CAN THROW AWAY...TODAY!: Most of us have become "hoarders" of one sort or another. In this light and fun session Michael will share with you 50 things you can probably throw away as soon as you hear this presentation.

GOING ONCE! GOING TWICE! SOLD! LET'S HAVE AN AUCTION: In this session Michael will take you from the earliest beginnings of the Auction Industry to the state-of-the-art 21st century Auction technology. Never been to an Auction? That will change after this presentation when Michael conducts a live Auction for your group. He'll bring some actual tangible items that he will "Sell" to you via the Auction Method of Selling. But you can leave your purse or wallet at home because Michael will also give you some "Michael Money'" which you can spend at this Auction. Need a Fundraising Idea for your group? You can also bring some tangible items for Mike to sell and your group can keep all of the proceeds. Auctions are meant to be fun and in this session Michael will show you how much fun Auctions can be.

FUNDRAISING AUCTION SECRETS: HOW TO RUN HIGHLY PROFITABLE FUNDRAISING AUCTIONS: A primary objective of most non-profit and civic groups is to raise as much money as possible to support their favorite causes. With today's soft economy many are turning to Fundraising Auctions in order to raise the additional needed funds. And for good reason because a well-run Fundraising Auction can raise tens-of-thousands of dollars in a single night…if it's done right. In this session Professional Fundraising Auctioneer Michael Ivankovich will introduce you to the important elements needed to run highly profitable Fundraising Auctions.

FUNDRAISING AUCTION SECRETS: DOUBLE YOUR REVENUE WITH A SPECIAL PLEDGE APPEAL: The #1 objective of your fundraising event is to raise as much money as possible to support a cause that you and your benefactors truly believe in. You sell tickets to your event, you hold a Silent And Live Auction but, a Special Pledge Appeal can often raise more money for your cause than the Silent & Live Auction combined. Don't know what a "Special Pledge Appeal" is? In the session Michael will explain the key elements of the appeal, and he'll show you how your group can double the revenue at your next fundraising event.